Brazilian zouk

Brazilian Zouk

brazilian zouk

Brazilian Zouk is a dance that will open You to the completely new, unknown to You hand. Smooth movement filled with tenderness and rhythmic music will give You unforgettable pleasure and pulled into the whirlpool of feelings.

Dance Zouk will be an integral part of Your history, as after the first movements, it would swallow You with a whirlwind of passion and Brazilian temperament.

Party, carnival and so translate the word ZUK with language French Creole. Dance Zouk became known and popular in the 80-ies of the last century, Two main styles are Brazilian Zuka style Porto Seguro and Rio-style.

One of the zouk founders is Adilio Porto and Renata Pecanha. They came up with some basic steps, successfully combining them with elements of other areas.

The connection of Caribbean sounds and the gentle, rhythmic movements, Zouk transforms into the romantic tale. In it, thanks to the technique of the movements, you can live your whole life, to convey true love and true pain, genuine passion and the bitterness of separation.

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  • 4 lessons pass 280 UAN
  • 8 lessons pass 450 UAN
  • 8 lessons couple pass 800 UAN
  • 1 lessons pass 80 UAN
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